Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Flag of CFBDSIR2149 - Kristalzysha the Orphan Planet

Orphan planet? So that means astronomers thinks of stars as being parents? I suppose there are to be adopted planets by alien star systems too? How about foster child like planets that only stay around a star for a while before being let go in the cosmos?

 This is the flag of one of our closest orphan planets. It is likely home to an advanced form of life. Planets that don't orbit stars make great homes for wise and smart civilizations (what we would call AI, angel, or spirit life) since regular human-like life would find it difficult to live in these systems.

Thus you don't have to worry about disturbing primitive sun based forms of life on these so called 'rogue' systems. Also remember there is nothing rogue about these sky systems.  They are what they are and since they are not like us, racist and arrogant scientists call them rogue.  It is a grand misplacement of primitive values. 

 CFBDSIR2149 did not fail anything.  Failed star has a negative connotation that warps the majestic value of these objects in the sky!  

Scientists like to call brown dwarfs 'failed stars.' These objects in the heavens didn't fail anything! Rather stars are over achieving brown dwarfs?

And what is the deal with all this dwarf terminology? It's mean and derogatory for little people.

The flag of CFBDSIR2149 consists of a quartered field of brown and pink. In the canton is a blue crescent.

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