Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Flag of Alto Velo Island

Alto Velo Island is another part of the world in dispute like the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, but at a much less acrimonious level of tension.  Albeit, a nill source of tension, but yet a measurable level of tension nonetheless.

In this case, the tension between nations stretches between the United States of America and the Dominican Republic.  Oddly the Dominican Republic wanted to become a part of the USA when the man on the US fifty dollar bill was president - Mr. Grant.  But racist US congressmen blocked its inclusion into the American Dream.  However subsequent congressmen of a similar nature had no doubts, issues or hesitation on sending US military forces to the this region of the world to protect 'US property.'

Right now the US still has the faintest of claims on this slice of real estate.  It was claimed by the grand old USA in 1860, when the USA was a virgin Union of States.*

The flag of Alto Velo island uses the colours black, white, blue and red.  The colour scheme is based upon the Dominican Republic, while the overall design is based on the flag of Scotland and Jamaica. A single white star near the would be honor point represents America's heritage with this enchanting land.


*South Carolina popped the American Cherry in 1860 when she left the Union

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