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Flags from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer - 1964

 "The First Castle on the Left"

Merry Christmas!  Perhaps the proper countdown to Christmas begins on November 25, since it is exactly one month away.  Besides Thanksgiving has passed.

Flags make a small background appearance in the king of all stop motion animated classics Rudolph the Red Nosed 1964.  Rudolph will always be a timeless tale for generations and represents America's addition to the Spirit of Christmas. 

 This story focuses on the last reindeer to join Santa's sled team - Rudolph.  In the introductory scene Santa's Castle can be seen with several pennants flying from the tower tops.  Later in the film when they journey to the Island of Misfits they meet the regal lion king - King Moonracer.  When Rudolph and his misfit friends are in King Moonracers Hall several heraldic like banners can be seen in the background.

King Moonracer's Hall

Here Rudolph meets the ruler of the Island of Misfit Toys with his friends Yukon Cornelius the Miner, Herny the Misfit Elf, and the Spotted Elephant.  The colours of the banners in King Moonracer's hall include pink, purple, red and are divided with a heraldic bend and finished with a swallowtail fly. 

Notice white flags in Santa's Clastle.  The white flag is the basic flag of peace not necessarily a flag of surrender.  Two white flags stand on either side of the the mistletoe being hung by the elves and Yukon Conelius.

You can barely see the white flag in the background on the ceiling.  In the shot the nonconformist elf with dental aspirations is hanging a star on the Christmas tree with the help of the tamed snow monster.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Heavy Fog Flag

This is to be flown when visibility is low due to dense fog.  The heavy fog alert flag uses the colours black, yellow, and green.  The flag is quartered like a checker with black.  In the center is a circle that is divided into four with semi-counter charge of black to green, but instead of green to black the colour yellow is used as a signal indicator.

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Heavy Snow Fall Alert Flag - Blizzard Conditions

The heavy snow fall alert flag uses the colours black and white. The background is black and in the foreground is a six snowballed pyramid, representing a pile of snow.  The six snow balls are reflective of a six armed snowflake. 

An image of a snowflake was not used since its image conveys a sense of the winter holiday and Christmas Spirit.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Flag of the Hawaiian French Frigate Shoals

The over all pattern is based upon the flag of Hawaii but with a French motif recognizing that France was the first nation to chart these islands.  However in the canton is not a European design but rather an Eastern Design to reflect Hawaii's connection to the orient.  Although the Yin and Yang symbol looks similar to the Korean Flag its orientation is perpendicular and the balanced counter charged dots are present, as they would be in a traditional Chinese Yin and Yang symbol.

American Pre-Centennial Flag for July 4, 1476 - Celebrating the Complete Awakening to the Western and Eastern Hemispheres

The flag for the US-American Pre-Tricentennial is based upon the flags of Castile and Leon with a red St. George's Cross that symbolizes Christopher Columbus's Genoan Heritage, which is now a part of Italy.

Taking a leap of faith into the unknown can be a costly adventure, but under the leadership of Christopher Columbus the two Super Continents of The Americas and Euraficasia were able to finally become fully aware and awoken to each other civilizations.

On July 4th, 1476 the essence of the American Dream was asleep in the heart of liberal minded British thinkers and men of the high Renaissance including Leonardo da Vinci who was a part of that special generation to awaken to global civilization.  The King of England on America's Pre-Tricentennial at this time was Edward IV the great great great great grandfather document of Declaration of Independence was helping conduct the daily businesses of English Speakers via the Magna Charta.  

Monday, November 19, 2012

Flags in Sixteen Candles - Illinois State Flag

 In the 1980s the drama of youth culture was given a serious and yet humorous take under the direction of John Hughes.  In 1984 the high school classic Sixteen Candles highlights some of the odd aspects of growing up in suburbia.

In most John Hughes films the state flag of Illinois almost always makes a cameo.  Here the heroine of the story Sam lets the truth out to the universe, that she would love to be with Jake who is looking at her from his seat.

Birds eye view of the Illinois classroom - Sixteen Candles 1984.  The show captures some of the silly, serious, painful, and emotionally charged atmosphere of high school.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Flags from Twice Upon a Time - 1983

 Twice Upon a Time is a surprise fairytale from the imagination of George Lucas.  The movie expands upon the story of magical dream beings from Frivoli who save the Rushers on Earth from living in a perpetual nightmare of existence.

Here is the black flag hood ornament-jack of the Nightmare King.  

 Ralph the all purpose animal meets the nemesis of the story in his avian chrome faced hot rod.

Ralph has taken the form of a bumble bee when he enters the human world.
 Fonzie makes a brief unintended cameo in this film.  Behind his right shoulder is the pennant of Yale University.

The US flag can be seen in the upper left corner, when a man is overcome with positive feelings.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Flag of Alto Velo Island

Alto Velo Island is another part of the world in dispute like the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, but at a much less acrimonious level of tension.  Albeit, a nill source of tension, but yet a measurable level of tension nonetheless.

In this case, the tension between nations stretches between the United States of America and the Dominican Republic.  Oddly the Dominican Republic wanted to become a part of the USA when the man on the US fifty dollar bill was president - Mr. Grant.  But racist US congressmen blocked its inclusion into the American Dream.  However subsequent congressmen of a similar nature had no doubts, issues or hesitation on sending US military forces to the this region of the world to protect 'US property.'

Right now the US still has the faintest of claims on this slice of real estate.  It was claimed by the grand old USA in 1860, when the USA was a virgin Union of States.*

The flag of Alto Velo island uses the colours black, white, blue and red.  The colour scheme is based upon the Dominican Republic, while the overall design is based on the flag of Scotland and Jamaica. A single white star near the would be honor point represents America's heritage with this enchanting land.


*South Carolina popped the American Cherry in 1860 when she left the Union

Flag of Ducie Island

Ducie Island is located in the South Pacific and was claimed by the United States in 1867 under the Islands Guano Act.  However the United Kingdom also laid claim to this island.  Currently as of 2012 this smallest of specks on earth is still uncertain.  The UK rules it as a part of the Pitcairn Islands.  However the US has never fully relinquished her claim. 

The flag of this island is based on the US flag. It has a navy blue background and a yellow star by the lower hoist that is 'upside down.' Ducie Island is due south of Destruction-Green Island of Washington State.  


Flag of CFBDSIR2149 - Kristalzysha the Orphan Planet

Orphan planet? So that means astronomers thinks of stars as being parents? I suppose there are to be adopted planets by alien star systems too? How about foster child like planets that only stay around a star for a while before being let go in the cosmos?

 This is the flag of one of our closest orphan planets. It is likely home to an advanced form of life. Planets that don't orbit stars make great homes for wise and smart civilizations (what we would call AI, angel, or spirit life) since regular human-like life would find it difficult to live in these systems.

Thus you don't have to worry about disturbing primitive sun based forms of life on these so called 'rogue' systems. Also remember there is nothing rogue about these sky systems.  They are what they are and since they are not like us, racist and arrogant scientists call them rogue.  It is a grand misplacement of primitive values. 

 CFBDSIR2149 did not fail anything.  Failed star has a negative connotation that warps the majestic value of these objects in the sky!  

Scientists like to call brown dwarfs 'failed stars.' These objects in the heavens didn't fail anything! Rather stars are over achieving brown dwarfs?

And what is the deal with all this dwarf terminology? It's mean and derogatory for little people.

The flag of CFBDSIR2149 consists of a quartered field of brown and pink. In the canton is a blue crescent.

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Flag of the Anglophone or English Language

The flag for the English Langauge consists of elements taken from the English Flag and the Southern Cross. The five stars on the flag are modeled on the Southern Cross. The eight pointed star represents the brightest star-alpha crux, the seven pointed star represents the second brightest-beta crux, the six pointed star represents the third brightest star-gamma crux, the five pointed star represents the fourth brightest star-gamma crux, the four pointed star represents the fifth brightest star-delta crux, and the three pointed star represents the sixth brithest star-epslion crux.

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Spanish Colorado Central Heart Heritage Flag

This flag represents that central left over portion of Colorado that Spain forgot about.  This part of Colorado was once thought to be a part of the Louisiana Purchase, but was in fact, legally speaking, a part of the 1819 Spanish Cessation that also included the western part of Louisiana.

The colours red and yellow are based upon the Spanish Flag while the blue C represents Colorado and the white disc is a snowball.

Legally speaking Colorado was made up of four different parts - the Louisiana Purchase,Texas, Mexico and Spanish Leftovers from 1819. 

In 1819 Spain gave up all it US continental land claims on Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Colorado.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Flags in Time Bandits 1981

 Transcending time from 1981 is the childhood classic Time Bandits.  The recepie for this film is two cups of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, mixed with a quarter ounce of the Never Ending Story cream, lightly sprinkled with Harry Potter bitters and a wee dash of The Dark Crystal embers.

 This film is for children and encourages a wonder of history, religion, and the meaning of life.  It provokes young people to think about the past and connect it with the present.  It is a fusion of American Cinematics with British direction.

 Several flags and vexilloids appear in the film . Here a jousting knight has a lance pennon.

When the hero, Kevin, travels back to ancient times the rulers and high state officials are seen holding metallic vexilloids.

During the final conflict with evil, the cosmic tree keepers summon heroes from time to aid Kevin and keep the divine map out of evil's hand.  In this case, knights from the middle ages appear on horseback with flags make a peachy addition to the Army of Good.

In total five knights with five different banners are called by dwarfs to fight evil at the end.

Sean Connery stars in Time Bandits as a fireman in the present who rescues the boy, but ironically thousands of years ago young Kevin had saved Sean Connery when he was an ancient king. Notice the UK insignia-arms on the fireman's hat

Monday, November 5, 2012

Banners and Flags in the Big Lebowski - 1998

 Several Flags and important vexillological insignia appear in the riotously funny and quite deep and well thought out film par excellence The Big Lebowski 1998.  Although the film was released in 1998 it is set during the first Iraqi Gulf War of 1991. Here the California State flag is visible when the hero - the Dude - is taken in to police custody for disorderly conduct.

One of the more local and original banners to appear in The Big Lebowski occurs during the diner scene. It reads "Home of the Hamburgers."  Hamburgers are a national dish for Americans. They come in all kinds of varieties, you can even purchase vegetarian or vegan burgers in the US.

US Flag in The Big Lebowski with Malibu police shield. Behind the officer is the US flag.  The Malibu police badge is as sleek as the Malibu name with its name written in cursive. 

 You can barely see a Malibu Flag behind the Dude's head. The Dude is squinting because the officer of the law has just thrown a coffee cup at his head.  The flag in the background has a white fringe along it bottom.
 Notice the unique Saddam Hussein Bowling Pin emblem on his black beret.  Amazingly this film like the first Matrix film coincidentally shows the date of 9/11 before the tragic events unfold three years later in 2001.  Here during a 'dream' sequence Saddam Hussein is working at a bowling alley.  

The classical bowling lane symbol - the three pointed blue crown.

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