Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vexilloids from the Yellow Submarine 1968 - the Blue Meanies

 Notice the Vexilloids
The Yellow Submarine 1968
 1968 was a decisive year for the Global Community.  The United States, Europe, Russia, China, Africa, and South East Asia were embroiled in cultural revolution.  It was also the first year humans were able to enter the gravitational orbit of the moon, and see the earth as one whole - torn with political strife, yet as a beautiful and peaceful sphere of joy in eye of a poet.

1968 was also the year of the Yellow Submarine.  The film takes its title from the Beatles' 10th album - The Yellow Submarine.  However this covert ship from fantasia was on a mission of love and peace.  This story centers on a musical wonderland that becomes over run with 'Blue Meanies.'  The Blue Meanies are ruled by an angry Blue King, who abhors melodic music and harmony .  Rather the Blue Meanies wish to make the world petrified of a loving life.  They assault the happy people of fantasia with negative-toxic bolts and jealously green laden fruits. 

The the army of the Blue Meanies overlooking a ledge.  They are planing their attack on the original Sergeant Pepper and the Lonely Hearts Club Band - who look remarkable like the Beatles.  Notice the two vexilloids they carry in addition to their weapons.  

The blue meanie army is composed of a varied sort - big blue fat cats, shark tummy Turks, angry alligator hand men, humanoid blue troopers, clown bombers, and tall wealthy fruit barons.  But their most impressive fighter is a big blue fist that has speed and power.
The two main divisions of the Blue Meanie Army are divided into two camps.  The blue fimbrated red lightning bolt with pink tassles division and the purple cyclops fancy golden tufted eyebrow and orange wings. 
Close Up of the Blue Meanie Vexilloids - The Yellow Submarine 1968

The Beatles Message for overcoming the 'Blue Meanies' is simply LOVE

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  1. Yellow Submarine 1968 Greetings again from the darkness. "It was 50 years ago, Sgt Pepper taught the band to play". OK, I know that's not the lyric, but 50 fits better than 20 when we are talking about the latest re-mastered 4K version of the classic animated YELLOW SUBMARINE from The Beatles. > Yellow Submarine Originally released in 1968, the story is by Lee Minoff and is based on the Lennon-McCartney song of the title. Additional dialogue and story elements were contributed by (at least) four other writers, including Erich Segal of LOVE STORY fame, and after all these years, the film not only remains quite entertaining, it has attained a certain legendary status.

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