Thursday, October 11, 2012

UK flags from the animated counter culture classic: The Yellow Submarine - 1968

  The UK flag makes several appearances in the 1968 animated culturally countered escapade featuring the Beatles - The Yellow Submarine.   It appears after the opening title sequence.  

 The UK flag appears during the minute count of the song When I'm 64.  During the 'music video' the movies tells the viewer that "64 years is 33,661,440 minutes and one minute is a very long time."  As the song plays the movie shows that time is a construct in the mind of past, present, and future.  It even suggests that time can go backwards.
The white British Bulldog is wrapped in the British Union Flag.  This combination is an iconic image of British power and wealth. 

The Tower of London with the Union Flag.  The Tower of London is an ancient structure for the English Speaking Family.  Meaning that that it is the ancient ancestor of the US White House.  It was founded nearly one thousand years ago.  And shortly, in the year 2067 its foundation will age unto its 1001th year old.  The famous 'White Tower' built by William the Conqueror will turn one thousand and one years old in the year 2079.
Watch the Entire 1968 Yellow Submarine Movie Here on Youtube

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