Monday, October 22, 2012

Serranilla Bank Flag

Sarranilla Bank is a part of the United States stuck in the twilight zone as of 2012 and the  foreseeable future. This is a flag for Serranilla Bank.  It was first charted in 1510 by Spain and claimed by the United States under the Guano Act of the 1800s.

However this island is under claim of several other nations as well, the foremost contender being Colombia.  Nonetheless this flag pays homage to the ancient Spanish Flag denoting its first charting in 1510, before mankind had yet to circumnavigate the Earth.

The five stars represents the five landforms that make up Serranilla Bank. The white stars represent the three cays while the blue stars represent the emergent rocks.  The three cays are known as Middle, East and Beacon.  The rocks are West Breaker and Northeast Breaker.  The United States claim to these islands is tenuous and in dispute.  Essentially the Serranilla Bank Islands are last parts of the USA in contention. This maybe Americas' last chance at territorial expansion. Chances are if the USA gets total control it'll be turned into a marine wild life park.

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