Monday, October 22, 2012

Omega Centauri Flag - the alpha & omega of Milky Way star clusters

This flag represents one of the most magnificent and beautiful of 'globular clusters' to orbit our galaxy. You can think of globular clusters as a kind of 'galatic-moon'. Perhaps 'Galaxillite' is more fitting?

There are two classes of Galaxillites: the young hot clique like Open Cluster variety and the ancient and wise star network kind scientifically known as the Globular Cluster.

 The Omega Centauri cluster was academically recognized 99 years before the American revolution in 1677 by Edmund Halley, thus a seven pointed comet is in the center. The flag utilizes the Greek letter Omega with a seven pointed comet in the middle.

 Omega Centauri is our grandest of globular star cluster networks. Ironically although it may have omega in its name, it is the ALPHA of star clusters that orbit the Milky Way. And by alpha I mean the brightest and biggest!

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