Saturday, March 10, 2012

Flags of Heraldry of Marry Poppins - 1964

Mary Poppins
notice the arms of the Teas restaurant

Mary Poppins is the ideal nanny who orginated in the dreamworld down under from the southern celestial skies. Poppins adds charm and perspective to help little children see the lighter side of life

Before J.K. Rowling their was P.L. Travers - the author of Mary Poppins. Ms. Travers was born down under in Queensland Australia 1899. But her writings from fantasia took to the silver screen in 1964 with the magical working of Walt Disney.

In the film Mary Poppins 1964 they stop at the "Teas" restaurant with penguin waiters. The lovely hole in the wall or rather crack in the sidewalk uses the traditional art of heraldry as its business logo. The consists of a red swan facing right - dexter - on parted in pale shield of arms. A motto is in the compartment on a scroll.

The Poppin's Merry Go Round with flags

Flags are common decorations at theme parks, even in magical sidewalk chalk art. If you should ever gain the chance to travel to such a mysterious place, take note of the flags! The flags in this manner act as decorative icons rather than symbols of nation. Perhaps the nation of fun? In this case the colours flags and pennants at amusement parks are the colourful complement to the blinking lights at night.

Watch the Restaurant scene here

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