Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nauru and Curacao - Flag Twins

Flag of Curacao

Flags often bear some resemblance to each other. But in my estimation it is no accident. For some odd reason the flags can be paired up two by two in a certain way.

In this case the flag of Curacao is what I call the fraternal banner to Nauru. Their flags match by design and symbolism. Both feature a navy blue background with a single horizontal yellow stripe. Stars are also featured on both flags but Curacao has two five pointed stars while Nauru has one star with twelve points.

Flag of Nauru

Wondrous island nations from the Atlantic unto the Pacific.* They are connected by the mysterious flow of happenstance, but this is no accident.

Of uncanny historical harmony - these island 'nations' on opposite ends of the earth were simultaneously adopted by the German Empire in 1888. In 1888 A small part of Curacao was home to an Imperial German Shipyard - Klein Curacao to be specific. This smallest of German Colonies didn't last the year due to technical difficulties. At the same time in 1888 the Germans were able to establish a foothold at Nauru making it a colony until the end of WWI in 1919.

Rumor has it, Germany's short adoption of Nauru resulted in the genesis of the hard to find Nauru-Pacific Lager. Nauru-Pacific Lager is the most sought out after beer in the South Pacific. It has won over 20 Polynesian-Blue Ribbons, so I was told.


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