Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Flag of the northern most isle of Earth - "Septrallia"

Kaffakelubben Island

This is the flag of the northern isle of earth. First sighted by an American in 1921 - Robert Perry. But it was a Danish explorer who first to set foot upon it - Lauge Koch.

The recognition of this land as being the most north of north was in 1969. But there is some debate that their might be an even more northerly portion of earth - Oodaqq. But Oodapp is more like a gravel bank and often covered by ice or under the ocean. This makes Kaffkelubben the most northern permanent island of earth.

The flag is composed of three colours - red, black and white. The colours red and white are taken from Greenland and Denmark. The background is black with the constellation of Ursa Minor - the little bear. There is a triangle with fleur de lis pointed towards the north star. On traditional map making the fleur de lis is associated with the direction north.

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