Monday, March 5, 2012

Arms of Bushwood Country Club - Caddyshack 1980

Arms of Bushwood Country Club

Probably the most memorable film about Golf - Caddyshack 1980 was a rip roaring comedy about Golf with deep meaning. The movie took place at the fictional Bushwood Country Club.

Like all respectable country clubs it carries its own coat of arms. To the left of Judge Elihu Smails - wonderfully played by Ted Knight - we can see the coat of arms of Bushwood.

The image consists of a six pointed fimbrated cross. Along the saltire portion are two crossed golf clubs. Along the fess portion of the cross are the letters C, B, C - with the letter B superimposed over the crossed golf clubs. In the top-chief is the Country Club name "Bushwood." Finally their is a border.

Danny Noonan as the Caddy

The 'hero' of the movie Danny Noonan a young college bound youth who is having a devil of time committing to a future is a caddy. In this picture we can see the colours version of the arms of Bushwood. The colours include red, green, yellow, and white.

Close up of BUSHWOOD Arms

Notice American Flags on the tables of Bushwood Country Club
Al Czervik roasts some of the guests at the country club



    Al Czervik's hat. Any info on that coat of arms? Thanks.

    1. I've been searching for that for years. I even wrote the author of the book: Everything You Wanted To Know About Caddyshack. No luck.