Sunday, December 25, 2011

Space Balls Vexillology - the seal of Captain Lone Starr

The Roundel of Captain Lone Starr

Probably the best parody of the Star Wars franchise was Space Balls 1988, directed by Mel Brooks. Spaced nearly in between the original and the second generation of official Star Wars Movies, it was refreshing respite for Star Wars junkies.

The hero of the movie is Captain Lone Starr who travels the galaxy in an RV modified for space travel. On the passenger side door is the insignia of his ship. It features a North American Bald Eagle facing sinister. In the crest is the number five on a gold disc, up top it is written Eagle in all black capital letters. Below the eagle is a scroll that reads "CAPT LONE STARR." Finally along the bottom is another motto - "Hero for Hire."

Short Video of the Eagle 5 - Cosmic RV

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