Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nauscaa of the Valley of Wind Flag - part 2 vexilloid and origins of Pikachu

An embroidered tapestry of the messiah
with vexilloid, blue head band, and vexilloid

In 1984 the imagination of Japan was captured under the influence of Hayao Miyazaki with Nauscaa and the Valley of Wind. It was an epic tale in a post apocalyptic future with a theme of love and forgiveness attached to a strong environmentalist message.

Ten years later in 1994 it captured my imagination and help pull me into Japan for four years. In a wielding and mysterious way this odd piece of art from fantasia help bring about my career as a vexillologist and all its discoveries, and you to this blog post.

Close up image of the prophesied one

The movie is set in the distant future after some global catastrophe where man has built these super biological-wonder solders that curses the earth. Subsequently the fauna of earth namely the fungi and insect kingdoms formed a symbiotic relationship to reassert a biological balance with a toxic temperament towards humans and their like.

Animated Version of the Enlightened One

There is a prophecy held by some in the Valley of Wind that a person dressed in blue with an animal on his right shoulder will come to bring peace and enlightenment the earth. He will make peace between the insects, toxic fungi, and nations. In the movie he wears blue with a blue cap and has a brown bird on his right shoulder. In his left hand he holds a vexilloid an unsophisticated plain wooden stick with a bend.

Nauscaa giving love to Pikachu like pet squirrel

It is also interesting to note the origins of the famous Pikachu from Pokemon can trace part of its origins to this movie. Pokemon was created 12 years after this movie was released by Satoshi Tajiri in 1996. Mr. Tajiri would have been a young boy when he saw this movie and in the beginning of it the heroine of the story - Nauscaa from the Valley of Wind - befriends a wild and orphaned squirrel with understanding and love. For the rest of the movie the little squirrel becomes attached to her and can regularly be seen crawling all over her shoulders.

Injured Nauscaa receiving love by 'Pikachu' like animal

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