Monday, December 12, 2011

My Neighbor the Totoro with Japanese Flag Fan

Japanese Flag Fan
My Neighbor the Totoro - 1988

The black balls of dust are known as 'makuro-kurosuke.' In the 1988 Japanese film by Hayao Miyazaki, they are seen here discussing their options - to stay or to leave the house upon the arrival of its new owners - two little girls and their father.

In the foreground is a Patriotic Japanese flag fan with the national emblem of Japan - a red disc in the center, on the left and right sides are the national birds - cranes. There is a wee bit of shimenawa - the folded red and white paper and strings hanging on the left and right sides of Japanese fan-decoration.

The 'soot sprites' are responsible for dirtying up a house when no one lives there. They are often confused as 'dust bunnies' but are a different animal altogether. This ground breaking film was produced by Studio Ghibli - a virtual counter match to America's Walt Disney Studios.

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