Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Last State to officially join the Confederacy - Kentucky, 150 years ago today

Seal of the Rebel pro-Confederate Government

It was 150 years ago today December 10, 1861 that Kentucky dissolved its ties with the US government and joined the Confederacy to make it a neat 13 as it was in the original Anglo-American Rebellion in 1776.

At least that is one side of the story. But according to the official narrative of the United States, the addition of Missouri and Kentucky into the Confederate fold was dismissed and not recognized. Subsequently both states were spared the much hated military occupation during reconstruction.

A rump shadow anti-Union Kentucky Government met in Russellville on mischief night eve in 1861 and voted on an ordinance of secession. After a virtual six week probationary period, the rouge pro-Southern government was officially admitted unto the Confederacy. The capital of Confederate Kentucky was officially designated to be at Bowling Green.

Site of House where anti-Union Kentucky government
passed ordinance of secession on October 29, 1861

The central star of the Confederate Battle Flag represented Kentucky. Kentucky never adopted an official state confederate flag - as did North Carolina, Louisiana, and Florida. But Confederate Kentucky adopted an official Kentucky Confederate Seal. It featured a golden right hand military arm holding a white star. In an incomplete circle around the arm were twelve other white stars on a field of blue. On the outer seal in a circle on the bottom appears 'Voce Populi' and 'Kentucky' up top. On the left and right sides are two rose stems.

Many voices have labeled the US Civil as a War Between the States or more incendiary as a War of Northern Aggression. However Kentucky was of the divided class of states where the war could be called the War Between the Counties. Maryland, Virginia, Kansas, and Missouri were states where it was a virtual Checker Board War of County vs County.