Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Flags of Highlander - Clan Fraser, part 2

Flag of Clan Fraser
three white daises

In the beginning of Highlander 1986 a fight breaks out in the Scottish Highlands between Clan MacLeod and Clan Fraser in 1536. In this battle scene we see the flag of Clan Fraser which consists of charge of three white flowers - daises on a dark blue.

Amongst Clan Fraser is an immortal mercenary - Kurgan. Some how Kurgan has realized that amongst Clan MacLeod is another immortal who dosen't know he is immortal. Thus it is Kurgan's goal to murder a potential rival even before he has a chance to realize his potential. Kurgan is able to injure the 'sleeping' immortal but is not successful in decapitating his rival.

Clan Fraser ready for battle
with 'Flower Power' Flag

The banner is along the bottom in the pic to right. It is never explained why the two Clans are fighting nor how Kurgan figured out that Connor MacLeod was an immortal. But fate steps in and lets Connor realize his potential. Kurgan and Connor meet again in America some 350 years later in NYC.

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