Thursday, December 8, 2011

Flags from Happy Days

Notice Flag Streamers on Arnold's
The Happy Day's Gang: Potsie, Ralph,Fonzie, and Richie

Happy Days was a core situational comedy show in American Television before the rise of the internet. It was a trans-generational about the 50s that aired in the 70s and 80s. Subsequently it had wide market appeal.

It starred Henry Winkler as a macho counter culture cooler than ice cool biker - "Fonzie" and Ron Howard who was the counter balance, as the iconic 50s all American boyscout "Richie Cunningham." Although they were from different modes of culture they were like brothers. Much of the show took place at Arnold's Diner. Arnold's Diner was decorated with flag streamers on the outside and pennants on the inside.

The Happy Day's Gang in Arnold's
notice the school

The inside of Arnold's was covered in school pennants varying from college to high school. Pennants were a popular decorations in the 50s.

The Happy Day's gang consisted for four guys with different personalities. Fonzie was the cool greaser, Richie the boyscout, Potsie the good humored airhead, and Ralph Malph the odd ball master of puns and one liners.

The 'M' Milwaukee Pennant in Fonzie's Apartment

Fonzie has a big ego, but under his macho facade was an insightful and sensitive guy who loved his landlord like family. They looked out for him and Fonzie would look out for them.

The mix of the traditional and conservative 50s Cunningham family renting out a room to counter culture greaser created ample room for a smashing and long lived sit-com that lasted for ten years.

Happy Day's Intro


  1. proof that different personalities can get along

  2. Can anyone tell me what the 'STACEY' pennant represents on the wall of Al's/Arnold's diner please?