Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Holiday Card of 2011 - Minnesota and Idaho

Holiday Spirit Glazed Minnesota Flag

Ho ho ho, ho?

This year Minnesota and Idaho were chosen as the flags of the season. They are states with similar points of view, just south of the border. Canadian Border that is.

The state flag of Minnesota has been altered a wee bit to be in season. It is a cold and calm winters night. The Native American is sitting down with a Norwegian-American for a warm cup of hot chocolate in front of camp fire. Their arms are laid across each other in peace. Instead of the state flower, the lady slipper, poinsisettas are arranged in the blue circle. Also the white ring of Minnesota is black with either tiny snow or stars shimmering in the addition to the 19 larger yellow stars. The red banner no longer holds the state motto, rather the declaration of World Peace. Two peace doves are on the left and right sides, as a symbol of 'World Peace.'

Christmas Enchanted Flag of Idaho

The flag of Idaho has been 'North Polarized' with a traditional American Christmas theme. Coincidentally both flags feature the state seals and both originate from the hand of womankind. Emma Edwards Green designed the seal for Idaho and Amelia Hyde Center created the first flag for Minnesota.

The interesting coincidence is that both states are middle climates - globally speaking. Idaho and Minnesota are between the north pole and equator, cut at 45 degrees north. Thus they get a global full blast of winter and summer. Likewise many of the wild four legged critters change their coats from brown to white in the winter and vice-versa in the summer - examples being the snowshoe hare and various weasels.

Original Seal of Minnesota with Holiday Peace Greeting

Two classic all American Imaginary Characters can trace their roots to these states. One of America's most favorite childhood dogs - Snoopy! And that every so magical mouse - Mickey.

Charles Shultz was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota who later gave life to the Peanuts Gang. Shultz's animated holiday specials eventually became a rite of passage and ritual for many American children.

Original Seal of Idaho with Christmas Theme

Although Walt Disney is from Illinois the spirit of Mickey Mouse came from Idaho. After Walt drew up this magical little mouse of charm, he called it Mortimer Mouse. But his wife Lillian - originally from Idaho - chose the name Mickey. Chances are if Lillian didn't speak her mind, Mortimer Mouse would not have become famous. Thus Lillian Disney was in a sense a creator of Mickey Mouse.

So, ho ho ho and a Merry Christmas to all!

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