Thursday, December 22, 2011

Flags from the movie UP - 2009, by Disney

The movie Up 2009 is the story about an elderly gentleman - Carl Fredricksen - who decided to live his dream to visit Angel Falls in South America. The extraordinary point about his voyage is that he flies to Venezuela with helium air balloons attached to his house. Things seems to be working well, but a young boy - Russel - has accidentally come along while standing on his porch. The boy belongs to a boy scout like organization called the Wilderness Explorers. While standing at the man's doorway the boy can be seen with a flag of the organization. The colours of the organization are primarily orange. The logo consists of a yellow letter 'W' on top of pine tree. The bark of the pine tree is shaped like the letter 'E,' this is reference to Wilderness Explorers. Finally the Tree with the letters W and E are on an orange disc. Several items on Russels backpack carry the logo of stylized tree logo of the Wilderness Explorers.

Carl goes to court in Ohio
The Ohio State flag is on the right

After trying to protect his beloved mailbox painted by his deceased wife, Carl assaults a construction worker with his tennis ball cane, and has to go to court. To the left of the judge is the American flag and on the right is the Ohio State flag.

A journey across the continents from Ohio to Venezuela by a bunch of helium balloons is possible, yet would require a lot of balloons, many more than suggested in the movie.

In the ending scrap book credits, Carl can be seen holding a Wilderness Explorer flag.

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