Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tis' the Season for Red and Green - Morocco and Bangladesh are buddies I see! Ho ho ho and let it snow!

Flag of Morocco
Flag of the Night - stars are suns that are far away

Red and green - ho ho ho! I spy a pair whose banners shimmer along the sea. Oh what a joy for vexillology! One in North Africa their other in South Asia, in stunning glee. I present to thee, a happy poem from the mouth of me.

United by the same holy book, a wise man, look!

Towards Mecca they pray, morning, night and day. First from the East unto the West, and then from the West unto the East. Which way is best? Who could guess? It's no matter which way, I say! As long as you pray morning, night, noon, and day!

Flag of Bangladesh
Flag of the Day - The sun is a star that is close by

Formerly colonies now on their own. Look how these lands have changed and grown.

They both feature a centrally placed star, one close up and the other from afar.

A counter charge of green and red, what more can be said? One land is witness to the mighty monsoon, the other a land where the desert may bloom.

With a grand range of character full of life, both entangled with a wee bit strife.
Nonetheless a happy place to live whose native people love to share and give.

Merry Christmas and or Happy Ramadan - tis' my hope you feel that sweet and refreshing splendid divine calm.

Ho, ho, ho!

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