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US Yacht and United States Power Squadron Flags

United States Power Squadron Flag

This is the flag of the US Power Squadron that was founded in 1914. It is a non-profit civilian educational organization dedicated to teaching basic knowledge and safety for boating. There are over 400 active squadrons. This group publishes a bimonthly magazine called The Ensign.

The flag of US Power Squadron bears a striking counter charge similarity to the flag of the US Yacht Ensign. Both flags use the colours red, white and blue. The canton features the exact same pattern - a white anchor surrounded by thirteen white stars. But differ in canton background colour.

US Yacht Ensigns use blue while the US Power Squadron uses red. Both flags have a field with thirteen stripes but in different directions and counter charged colours. The stripes of the US Yacht Ensign are horizontal - red and white, while the stripes of the US Power Squadrons are vertical - blue and white. They have an equal number of white stripes - six. Another difference is that US Power Squadrons have six short and seven long blue and white stripes, while the US Yacht Ensign has seven short and six long red and white stripes.

US Yacht Ensign

The US Yacht Ensign was officially created in 1848 and to be used by officially US licenced yachts. Due to the boom of upper class income families in the 1980s, several laws were subsequently passed to allow the flying of the US Yacht Ensign instead of the National flag in certain parts of the USA.

The US Power Squadron Flag and the US Yacht Ensign are certainly aligned together in design like Yin and Yang. They are both flown by civilians and not for government or military use. They are citizen flags for Americans at sea. The Yacht Ensign is a hallmark flag for the individual while the US Power Squadron is for a group.

US Yacht and US Power Ensigns
a flag for one and a flag for many

Youtube Videos from US Power Squadron

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