Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pom Poms - the vexilloid ruled by women, in Gilligan's Island

The Gilligan Island Cheerleader Squad
with pom poms

The pom pom qualifies as a vexilloid in the most basic manner. Much like a banner and flags they are waved at sporting events all across the United States. In a certain way pom poms can be considered to be a cluster of 200-500 elongated mini flags attached to a hand held pole.

Cheer leaders can be men or women, but in middle school, high school and at the professional level, most cheerleaders are usually women.

On May 15, 1981 America received an encore presentation of Gilligan's Island with a made for TV Movie. The original Gilligan's Island television series lasted from 1964 unto 1967. In this TV-Movie special of Gilligan's Island the Harlem Globe Trotters end up on the island in a do or die basketball match against a team of Corporate Raider Robots. The cheer leading squad features the castaway girls who shake their pom poms, encouraging Gilligan to play hard.

The Globe Trotters helping Gilligan score

Notice the Harlem Globe Trotters use design elements from the American Flag in their uniform. Namely white stars on blue and red and white striped shorts.

Pom Poms can be made out of a variety of materials from cotton, wool, plastic, and paper. They are usually match the school colours like livery from heraldry.

Video from Gilligan's Island featuring the girls waving pom poms

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