Friday, October 21, 2011

The Kabyle and Ogoni Flags - Sahara Twins on the Fringe

Flag of the Kabyle
An unrecognized 'Berber Nation' of North Africa

Here are two flags of Africa that wish to be their own nation someday the Kabyle of Algeria and the Ogoni of Nigeria.

The world is keenly aware of Tibet and Palestine but in Africa too, there are people who wish to a nation unto themselves.

The Ogoni People have long resisted the powers that be, starting in WWI they resisted British Occupation of their lands. In the 1990s the Ogoni resisted the Shell Corporation and other petroleum based corporations.

The Kabyle People are the Berber people who did not loose their Berber language and customs from the Orient. The Kabyle like the Ogoni people have been blessed with fossil fuels. It has brought on attention and put both their peoples on the stage of resource poor technologically advanced peoples from far away.

Flag of the Ogoni
An unrecognized 'nation' is Sub-Sahara Africa

Both flags use the colours blue, green, and yellow but of slightly different tints. The order of colours is also different. Both flags also use red icons. The Ogoni flag has six red stars while Kabyle flag has red six pointed figure.

Will these people ever gain an acceptable level of autonomy? Only time will tell, in the meantime they will be regarded as 'rebel' flags in their respective recognized nations of 'Al-geria' and 'Ni-geria.'

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