Thursday, October 13, 2011

In Session UK Parliament Flag, ICV 24 at the George Washington Masonic Memorial, Alexandria VA

UK in session Parliament Flag

The following flag was presented to vexillology at the 24 International Congress of Vexillology, that was held at the George Washington Masonic Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia.

Ever since Parliament changed its policy of permanently flying the UK Union flag over Parliament, it has lost its communicative purpose - to signal that British Law makers were in session.

The Parliament Flag would only
fly when law makers are in session

The purpose of this flag is to reestablish the signaling purpose of a flag over Parliament.

Its design is modeled after the typical design of a British Ensign. It has a white background and a badge. The badge is a union of the two symbols - the legendary knights of the round table and the coat of arms of Simon de Montfort who is responsible for England's first directly elected Parliament in 1265.

Not only does this flag restore the communicative aspect of the flag over Parliament but it serves as a reminder of history. We often take democracy for granted and democracies all across the world can appreciate these first of baby steps to the diverse democratic systems of government that rule most nations.

Finally this flag links the legendary era with authentic history unto the modern moment.


  1. I've heard nothing at all about this; has there been any news since?

    1. No news, but some flag people have debated the idea. I came up with the idea after a meeting at the UK Flag Institute back in May, 2010. So this flag is just about four years old. They always fly the UK flag, but until recently the UK flag was only flown when Parliament was in session. But now it always flies. I think the white ensign is a clear indicator to tip off people that congress is in session. Coincidentally the red and green colours on the badge reflect the upper and lower houses of parliament.