Sunday, October 16, 2011

Flag of the most western isle of Asia - Aspronisi

Flag of the most Western Isle of Asia
Aspronisi - the uninhabited island in the sky

This is the flag of the most Western Island of Asia - Aspronisi. Aspronisi is an island in the Mediterranean Sea in between Turkey and Greece. Officially it's a part of Greece, but closer to Turkey. And it is uninhabited.

The colours are red, yellow and white. The red disc near the fly represents the Sun and the East, while the white crescent represents the Moon and the West.

This flag has elements of China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Turkey, and even Israel. But this flag reflects mostly the flags of Ottoman and Chinese Empires. They were the last of the 'Middle Age Empires' to fall under the influence of the modern Western nation state political world.

The yellow triangle, or pile, is pointing westward denoting that this is the most wholly western island completely and geographically closer to Asia.

The three six pointed stars represent the three great Asian faiths that have been adopted and made into their own by Europe, Africa and the Americas - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. It is a reminder that the great 'Western' Religions originate from Asia, and that the majority of the Holy Lands are in Asia.

Aspronisi formed after the Minoan Eruption (also called the Thera Eruption or Santorini Eruption) that occurred sometime in the 2nd Millennium BC. It is thought that this cataclysmic volcanic episode was responsible for the legend of Atlantis. Such an explosion would have darkened the skies over the region and possibly Egypt.


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  2. Keep on dreaming Turks and others. Canaries are closer to Maroc. They are Spanish. Guernsey, Jersey and Sark are closer to France. They are British. Corsica is closer to Italy. It's French. Faroe are closer to Iceland. They are Danish.
    AhallI go on?
    Are there no inhabitant small islands in those areas? Of course there are. Are they belong to the nearest country? Surely not!
    So keep on imagining unexistent flags for hypothetical Turkish ruled islands. Aegean is a Greek archipel and it's time to accept it.