Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Midway and Navassa - American Isles in the middle

Flags of Midway and Navassa

The flags of Midway and Navassa are similar in design and are fraternal flag twins. They both use similar colours of different tints - white, green and blue. Midway has a seagull on it while Navassa has light house.

Both islands are midpoints between continents. Midway is in the Pacific in between Asia and America, while Navassa is in the Atlantic midway between North and South America.

Midway was witness to the greatest aircraft carrier battle between the Empire of Japan and the United States during WWII. But Navassa, was witness to its own mini war/rebellion, but on a much smaller scale - Guano War of 1889. The Navassa Guano Rebellion of 1889 was eventually settled in the US Supreme Court in 1890.

Today Navassa and Midway are peaceful, remote and tiny isles with little to do, but allow birds to rear their young. They are American soil beyond the 50 states.

Navassa and Midway are governed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

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