Monday, October 10, 2011

Rocky with the Battle of Bennington Flag

Rocky with Bennington Flag

America is made up of myths like the semi-legendary tale of King Aurthur. But a uniquely American myth is the story of Rocky Balboa - the Itallian Stallion.

In the picture to the right we see Rocky waving the flag with a young kid. The Bennington Flag like Rocky Balboa may not have been true, but their story nonetheless tells of the reality of the human spirit.

Timing is everything, and Rocky came at a perfect time for America. It seemed that the US was down for the count in the Cold War after being knocked out of Vietnam. The nation was reeling with the racial issues of the 1960s. It seemed that patriotism was running on fumes. But when times are dark, it seems that heroes can arise in the most unlikely of places. In this case an American legend was born under the guidance of Sylvester Stallone.

American Flag

The quinteseential unknown underdog versus the big show heavy weight champ. The issues of white and black America are played out in Hollywood. Both boxers are rich three dimensional characters with faults and loveable charms. Later in Rocky IV the tensions between the Soviet Union and US would play out in a similar manner.

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