Monday, October 31, 2011

Missouri splits in two and joined the Confederacy 150 years ago today

The Show Me State

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Flag of Deimos, the lesser moon of Mars

Flag of Deimos
Lesser moon of Mars

The flag of Deimos uses the colours scarlet, purple, white, and black. Centered is a red eyed demonic face. Above the head is a red crescent moon that represents Mars and simultaneously the moon. There are six purple triangles, within each triangle is a red six pointed star.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Federation of South Arabia and Tanzania - Afroasian Flag Twins

Flag of South Arabia

The flags of Tanzania and South Arabia align by colours and design - sky blue, yellow, green, and black. The flag of South Arabia is no longer official. South Arabia would eventually evolve into Yemen after the cold war.

These lands lie or lied along the Indian Ocean at the cross roads between Asia and Africa. It was with union of Zanzibar with Tanganyika that Tanzania was created with a new flag. Thus from 1962 unto 1967 these flags were in active alignment.

Flag of Tanzania

Likewise the cultural roots of Zanzibar stem from Southern Arabia or modern day Yemen. With these two nations the cultures of Arabia and Africa come together. They are distant nations yet related.

Fraternal Partners
Tanzania & South Arabia

Friday, October 28, 2011

Flag for HD 188753 or rather the Jim Henson Star System

One of the many possible views
from in this triple Star System

In 1982 Jim Henson created the imaginative world of the Dark Crystal. In it we see a planet with three suns. There were many scientists who argued that planets could not exist in such a system. Well in 2005 a planet was found in a triple star system. Henson was right, thus a fitting name for this star system is the Jim Henson Star System.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Flag Proposal for Turks and Caicos Islands

Turks and Caicos Flag Proposal
if independence is ever chosen

It conserves the official badge of the Turks and Caicos. It follows the design of the former Republic of Anguilla. However both Turks & Caicos and Anguilla are still 'colonies' of the United Kingdom.

They both had opportunities to go independent - but held on the Mother Britannia when the time came.

Republic of Anguilla 1967-1969

Turks and Caicos were formerly a part of the the Bahamas but opted to remain an official part of Britain. Geographically Turks and Caicos are a part of the Bahamas but separated by politics.

Anguilla was also connected to its neighbors but chose to go its own way.

Independent Nations by 2023?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hello Kitty and Moshi Moshi Neko

Moshi Moshi Neko Flag
with hiragana script

Hello Kitty is popular in America, Japan and around the world. This cat from Japan with an English name seems to be the epitome of cute.

To balance this cuteness there is Moshi Moshi Neko, which is literally Japanese for 'hello kitty.' Moshi Moshi Neko is black and always wears a scarf. But like Hello Kitty Moshi Moshi Neko wears a blue jacket but with red buttons.

Hello Kitty Flag
with Japanese Katakana Script

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Flags in the Goonies

American Flag Sticker on Data's Boom Box

Chunk's Orange Bicycle Pennant Flag

Flags at Astoria Beach ROV Race

Intro of GOONIES 1985 with flags

Monday, October 24, 2011

United Nations Day 2011

Happy United Nations Day,

It took two World Wars to get a world forum-community center on its feet. The League of Nations like World War I is a mostly forgotten war.

The UN is a world community center-forum.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ghostbusters Insignia

Just in time for Halloween 2011 - the Ghostbusters icon. Unleashed upon the imagination of the world back in 1984, this was a ghost movie for the history books. This movie was an exquisite blend of humor, science fiction, horror, and paranormal studies.

Carried by a mad funny cast and unique story, this movie became a phenomena unto itself. Perhaps the best NYC movie of all time, after watching this movie, a part of you can't help but love New York City!

The logo of the Ghostbusters corporation featured a white ghost on the red circular banning censor.

Original Ray Parker Jr. Video with the Ghostbusters

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A-ha Cheker Flag and Racing Numbers

The Checker Flag in A-ha Video

The most famous flag of racing makes an appearance in the music video Take on Me by A-ha. NASCAR, Go-cart, Indy Car, Motor Cross, Formula 1, Monster Trucking, and video game racing may all attract different types of people...but they are all united by the chase of a checker flag. It is a black and white weave that signals the end of the race. A race of man in complete union with machine.

Back in 1985 a Norwegian pop band that broke the visual music-arts barrier. Was it the song or video that rocketed them to the top? No matter it was a conjunction of sound and video and enchanted the world. The video blurred the line between reality and art. It was a perfect if odd match of music and image.

The numbers #13 and #77 feature as racing numbers in the video. The bad guys carry the #13 and it isn't clear if the hero is #77, but it seems so. Since #77 appears behind the band several times. In the video #77 sometimes appears backwards along with the backwards 'R'. They must have reversed it in order to get the over etching art effect. Here it is corrected to show #77 facing the 'proper' way.

Who is Number 77?

A humors yet eye opening take on the video

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Kabyle and Ogoni Flags - Sahara Twins on the Fringe

Flag of the Kabyle
An unrecognized 'Berber Nation' of North Africa

Here are two flags of Africa that wish to be their own nation someday the Kabyle of Algeria and the Ogoni of Nigeria.

The world is keenly aware of Tibet and Palestine but in Africa too, there are people who wish to a nation unto themselves.

The Ogoni People have long resisted the powers that be, starting in WWI they resisted British Occupation of their lands. In the 1990s the Ogoni resisted the Shell Corporation and other petroleum based corporations.

The Kabyle People are the Berber people who did not loose their Berber language and customs from the Orient. The Kabyle like the Ogoni people have been blessed with fossil fuels. It has brought on attention and put both their peoples on the stage of resource poor technologically advanced peoples from far away.

Flag of the Ogoni
An unrecognized 'nation' is Sub-Sahara Africa

Both flags use the colours blue, green, and yellow but of slightly different tints. The order of colours is also different. Both flags also use red icons. The Ogoni flag has six red stars while Kabyle flag has red six pointed figure.

Will these people ever gain an acceptable level of autonomy? Only time will tell, in the meantime they will be regarded as 'rebel' flags in their respective recognized nations of 'Al-geria' and 'Ni-geria.'

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Midway and Navassa - American Isles in the middle

Flags of Midway and Navassa

The flags of Midway and Navassa are similar in design and are fraternal flag twins. They both use similar colours of different tints - white, green and blue. Midway has a seagull on it while Navassa has light house.

Both islands are midpoints between continents. Midway is in the Pacific in between Asia and America, while Navassa is in the Atlantic midway between North and South America.

Midway was witness to the greatest aircraft carrier battle between the Empire of Japan and the United States during WWII. But Navassa, was witness to its own mini war/rebellion, but on a much smaller scale - Guano War of 1889. The Navassa Guano Rebellion of 1889 was eventually settled in the US Supreme Court in 1890.

Today Navassa and Midway are peaceful, remote and tiny isles with little to do, but allow birds to rear their young. They are American soil beyond the 50 states.

Navassa and Midway are governed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

A Series of Unfortunate Events Flag or Eye Spy Pennant

The Baudelaire Children in the boat
with the special Eye Spy Pennant

The movie A Series of Unfortunate Events 2004 was a movie based upon the stories written by Mr. Handler, Dan or rather Lemony Snicket. The theme running though the movies deals with the mysterious paradox of misfortune that can with time and distance oddly become good fortune.

The story centers on the three talented orphans of the well to do Baudelaire family - Violet, Claus, and Sunny. Violet is the oldest with a mechanical penchant like MacGyver. Claus the middle son is like a walking encyclopedia like Eddie Morra from Limitless. And Sunny is an insightful little girl with a powerful bite like Jaws from the James Bond movie the Spy Who Loved Me.

The Snicket or Eye Spy Pennant

In the ending credits a flag is featured on the animated boat. Here is a reconstruction based upon the flag. The colours are black and white. It is a swallowtail pennant with another hidden double swallowtail at the ends of the bigger swallowtail.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Flag of the most western isle of Asia - Aspronisi

Flag of the most Western Isle of Asia
Aspronisi - the uninhabited island in the sky

This is the flag of the most Western Island of Asia - Aspronisi. Aspronisi is an island in the Mediterranean Sea in between Turkey and Greece. Officially it's a part of Greece, but closer to Turkey. And it is uninhabited.

The colours are red, yellow and white. The red disc near the fly represents the Sun and the East, while the white crescent represents the Moon and the West.

This flag has elements of China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Turkey, and even Israel. But this flag reflects mostly the flags of Ottoman and Chinese Empires. They were the last of the 'Middle Age Empires' to fall under the influence of the modern Western nation state political world.

The yellow triangle, or pile, is pointing westward denoting that this is the most wholly western island completely and geographically closer to Asia.

The three six pointed stars represent the three great Asian faiths that have been adopted and made into their own by Europe, Africa and the Americas - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. It is a reminder that the great 'Western' Religions originate from Asia, and that the majority of the Holy Lands are in Asia.

Aspronisi formed after the Minoan Eruption (also called the Thera Eruption or Santorini Eruption) that occurred sometime in the 2nd Millennium BC. It is thought that this cataclysmic volcanic episode was responsible for the legend of Atlantis. Such an explosion would have darkened the skies over the region and possibly Egypt.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thursday, October 13, 2011

In Session UK Parliament Flag, ICV 24 at the George Washington Masonic Memorial, Alexandria VA

UK in session Parliament Flag

The following flag was presented to vexillology at the 24 International Congress of Vexillology, that was held at the George Washington Masonic Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia.

Ever since Parliament changed its policy of permanently flying the UK Union flag over Parliament, it has lost its communicative purpose - to signal that British Law makers were in session.

The Parliament Flag would only
fly when law makers are in session

The purpose of this flag is to reestablish the signaling purpose of a flag over Parliament.

Its design is modeled after the typical design of a British Ensign. It has a white background and a badge. The badge is a union of the two symbols - the legendary knights of the round table and the coat of arms of Simon de Montfort who is responsible for England's first directly elected Parliament in 1265.

Not only does this flag restore the communicative aspect of the flag over Parliament but it serves as a reminder of history. We often take democracy for granted and democracies all across the world can appreciate these first of baby steps to the diverse democratic systems of government that rule most nations.

Finally this flag links the legendary era with authentic history unto the modern moment.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Flag of the Lord's Resistance Army and NPR

Flag of the Lord's Resistance Army
in Central Africa - Uganda

Founded in 1987 this rebel army based from Uganda has fought against the government along a fundamentalist mix of native religion and English protestantism. The goal of this Army is to establish a government based on the 10 commandments. Currently this group is listed as terrorist organization for human rights abuses and using children in the military.

NPR as a flag

Coincidentally the colours of n.p.r. or National Public Radio in the United States use a similar colours - red, black, and blue. However NPR espouses completely opposite values versus the Lord's Resistance Army.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Rocky with the Battle of Bennington Flag

Rocky with Bennington Flag

America is made up of myths like the semi-legendary tale of King Aurthur. But a uniquely American myth is the story of Rocky Balboa - the Itallian Stallion.

In the picture to the right we see Rocky waving the flag with a young kid. The Bennington Flag like Rocky Balboa may not have been true, but their story nonetheless tells of the reality of the human spirit.

Timing is everything, and Rocky came at a perfect time for America. It seemed that the US was down for the count in the Cold War after being knocked out of Vietnam. The nation was reeling with the racial issues of the 1960s. It seemed that patriotism was running on fumes. But when times are dark, it seems that heroes can arise in the most unlikely of places. In this case an American legend was born under the guidance of Sylvester Stallone.

American Flag

The quinteseential unknown underdog versus the big show heavy weight champ. The issues of white and black America are played out in Hollywood. Both boxers are rich three dimensional characters with faults and loveable charms. Later in Rocky IV the tensions between the Soviet Union and US would play out in a similar manner.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Friday, October 7, 2011

Department of Airforce Patch from Source Code: CAOC-N, 2011

On April Fools Day 2011, Source Code was released to the public. It starred Jake Gyllenhall and Michelle Monaghan. In this movie a fictional arm of the US Air Force fights against crime and terrorism under the "CAOC-N." In this extreme science fiction movie, a medical experiment allows scientists and doctors to revisit past memories before they fade away.

The departmental patch of the fictional CAOC-N within the US Air Force features a shield with five stars and five stripes. In the supporter positions are wings. In the ring around the roundel are eleven stars and it is written 'Department of the Air Force.'

Movie Poster for Source Code, 2011"Make Every Second Count"

This thoughtful movie merges the line between military science fiction while addressing end and or purpose of life questions.

The mind can be easily deceived, thus it's best to use your heart as the compass to make up your mind.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Red Sea Flag

Red Sea Flag

This flag represents the Red Sea. Its colours are red, black, and yellow. The bottom red portion represents the parting of the Red Sea during the Israeli exodus out of Egypt. Centered near the top is a Hebrew Star with the sign of Cancer upon it. This is a geographical reflection since the Tropic of Cancer passes through the Red Sea.

The colours yellow and black reflect that the shore line of the sacred Red Sea divides yet unites Africa and Asia.

Note that most of the stories that take place in the Holy Land were centered mostly on Asia and secondly Africa.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Russian Space Force Flag

Flag of the Russian Space Forces
it has a noticeable element
from the Star Trek

Certainly Chekov would be proud? This is not some imaginary flag. It seems an American Television Show had a lasting effect, even upon her national rivals.

The Star Trek franchise has had wide reaching influences all over the world, even in Russia. The evidence? Look at the flag.

This is the flag of the Russian Space Forces. It uses four colours - white, red, navy blue, and sky blue. The central icon uses a Star Trek design. This Star Trek like icon is on a ellipse that is thematic of a Russian flag but with one added colour on top - navy blue. This flag was established on December 18, 2006.

Russian Space Forces
are the heirs to the Soviet Space Program and operates two space ports in Asia and Europe. The European space port is Arkhangelsk and the Asian space port in the Amur.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

NJ Govenor behind the US and NJ State flag, tires to get his message though a thick skull

Ohh boy? This is getting embarrassing. We gots problems with much of our news people. Governor Chris Christie tries to spell it out to mass media.

Monday, October 3, 2011

SpongeBob Square Pants and Patrick find a 'Russian' flag at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean

On a trip to visit the north pole Sponge Bob and Patrick find a flag near Santa's House. Is it a Russian or Serbian flag?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Krusty Krab Pennant or KK Pennant

Krusty Krab Pennant

The first Sponge Bob Square Pants Movie came out in 2004. It featured an underwater chariot-car with a Krusty Krab pennant.

The colours of the Krusty Krab Corporation pennant are red and yellow, like the colours of McDonald's. It features two letter Ks (Krusty Krab) with the one Sinister K smaller than the Dexter K.

Birds Eye View of the KK Kart

Oh yes! We can build one for your local town parade, but don't tell Viacom, or else.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mercury Flag, the Planet

Flag of Mercury
first planet next to the sun

This is the flag of planet Mercury, currently the smallest and closest planet to the sun. In many ways it qualifies as moon, from a Jovian point of view.

The colours of this flag are black, silver, red, and purple. Silver represents the element Mercury while red and purple represent the beginning and ending colours of our visible spectrum.

A view from Mercury

The black icon is a combined symbol from the West and East for Mercury. In the West Mercury is a liquid metal and planet, coincidentally in East the planet designated as Mercury used the symbol of water or liquid.