Friday, September 2, 2011

ICV 24 - International Congress of Vexillology, Day 2 - 10th Presentation by Zeljk Heimer, Croatia

Day 2 - Speaker #12

The tenth presentation was given by Zeljko Heimer and was entitled National Identity in the Political Party Flag in Croatia.

Heimer gave us an over view of the various political flags within Croatian Politics. Heimer was greeted to wide range of applause as he just recently learned that he was no longer a Captain in Croatian Army but rather a Major. Heimer began the presentation by telling us that the political field and climate of Croatia is similar to the general temperature of Europe. Meaning the span of political parties is similar in France, Denmark and Croatia that has socialist to conservative christian parties.

Since the colours of the Croatian flag are red, white, and blue in a similar tone to flag of the Netherlands, most political parties have adopted those colours. It is a light generalization to note that the colours also represent the various ethnics within Croatia. Red is associated with Croatians, white with Bosnians, and blue for Serbs. Also yellow is often associated with social liberal parties.

Left leaning parties used to have red in their flags but nowadays white is the preferred colour of choice. Blue flags are traditionally left leaning as well but with a Christian overtone.

Another Generalization about the Croation

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