Friday, September 2, 2011

ICV 24 - International Congress of Vexillology, Day 2 - 12th Presentation by Scot Guenter, USA

Day 2 - Speaker #14
USA - California

The twelfth presentation was given by Scot Guenter and was entitled The Rise and Fall of Worldface: Social Networking, Stereotyping, and the Power of Flags.

Dr. Guenter gave a humorous belly aching presentation of the short history of World Face and its use of flags. World Face was parody site in a similar manner to Unencyclopedia is to Wikipedia. In this case World Face is only open to specific nation states. The humor stems from the classical formula of the juxtaposition of tweets and posts that mimic the international tensions between nations. This personalization of nations as virtual face book people has resulted in political bickers.

Basically it face book became an online virtual computer doll program where nations were mocked rather acutely and successful in a Face Book format. The playful use of a copy cat face book modeled the trappings of a website.

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