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Flags of the Greatest Generation - US & Soviet Alliance

Soviet Union raising flag over the Reichstag
Photo of a lone solder who became
as the other statues in the background

There are two famous photographs of flags from WWII that captured in essence the victory of the Allies. Both photographs were actually second takes from a previous action to raise either flag. Coincidentally, both the Soviet banner and 48 US Stared flags are no longer official flags.

May 2, 1945 by
Yevgeny Khaldei
Lone Soldier hoisting flag supported by a comrade over the
Reichstag Building
Returned to Germany
Defeat of the West from the East

United States of America
The four US Marines become
symbols of the nation with the flag

February 23, 1945 by Joe Rosenthal.
5 US Marines
Returned to Japan
Defeat of the East from the West

WWII was the epic struggle of wars that heralded the space age and use of nuclear weapons. The US and Soviet Union were both latecomers. The Soviet entered in the Summer of 1941, while the United States entered in the Winter of 1941.

Although the US and So
viet Union were allies and victorious, soon afterwards the world would simmer in a virtual World War III, that took place on nearly every continent, ocean and even in outer space. Before peace with Japan and Germany was settled the left and right wings of earth dove into a death struggle in the most ancient of nations - Greece and China. Soon the Soviet Union and USA followed in their wake, taking sides on Korean Soil.

From 1945 unto 1991 the Soviet Union and United States clashed and harmonized like Yin and Yang. Although the Soviet Union 'lost' this war, the United State too underwent a metamorphosis - as the America of 1945 was no more by 1991, with a new flag by its constellation of stars.

In 1945 the United States of America had a racial caste system enforced by law. In some regions it was enforced lightly while in others it was enforced with deadly vigilante violence. However the Anglo-Saxon Cultural Revolution of the 1960s forever changed role of races and gender roles, in America and around the world.

By 1991 the Soviet Union was choking under monotheism of one nation under one path. Their American foe of 1958 was a different nation by 1988. The Soviets seemed to recognize that freedom, choice, and faith were attractive, if not essential, elements on the perpetual journey towards utopia.

Friend, Enemy? Allies from 1941-1950
Dates when flags were official

Just before their Sacrifices, this speech was given in 1940
by Charlie Chaplin as a Satire on the Third Reich
Synced with modern videos

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