Thursday, September 15, 2011

Flag of the Enaran from - Star Trek Voyager

Flag of the Enaran
in a traditional Earth format

a fictional species from Star Trek Voyager

Star Trek Voyager was the fourth live action Star Trek television series. In this series the team is lead by female captain Kathryn Janeway - played by Kate Milgrew.

In one episode they come across an alien species who can share memories and thoughts telepathically - the Enaran. Upon the introduction of these species, the flag of the Enaran is displayed and talked about.

As it appeared in
Star Trek Voyager

The Enaran flag uses green, blue, black and light-indigo colour. It is similar to a vertical tri-bar with green on the outer bars and blue in the middle. There are also two thinner black vertical stripes that separate the three main green-blue-green bars. In the center is a diamond shape, fimbrated in a light-indigo. The left and right triangle ends of the inner diamond are counter charged to the background bar colours. The center it features a light blue hexagon.

The great coincidence about Kate Milgrew is like William Shatner - the original Captain Krik - she was the second choice to play the lead captain in their respective Star Trek shows. This proves that second place is sometimes better than first. Also Captain Krik was 'born' in Iowa, and the actress Kate Milgrew was actually born in Iowa.

Video about the Enaran with flags

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