Monday, September 19, 2011

Flag of Bikini Bottom? Bikini Atoll

Flag of the Bikini Atoll
The Marshall Islands are no longer a part USA
but the US design lives on

Yes Virginia, Bikini Bottom is a real place, however Krabby Patties and talking yellow sponges are a different story. Bikini Atoll is officially a part of the Marshall Islands Republic.

The official flag of Bikini Atoll has 23 stars that represent the 23 islands that make up Bikini Atoll. Written on the fourth line from the bottom in Marshallese is "Everything is in the Hands of God."

The stars are also arranged in a partial shape of the letter H in honor of the H-bomb - that Bikini Islanders oddly see as a blessing. The three black stars represent the terra-forming actions of the US via nuclear weapons testing. The two black stars near the bottom represent the two livable islands - Majuro and Kili Island.

Flag of the Marshall Islands
Independent from the USA in 1986

After WWII the islands became a nuclear testing wonderland, with over 20 nuclear devices being set off. Thus there is a good chance that the marine life in the area - starfish and crabs may have underwent an extreme mutant shift.

And for the record the bikini swim suit was named after these islands. From the air, the island atoll is skimpy like a bikini. And the word Bikini or Pikini is a native pacific word that means "coconut top."

Rumor has it that Sponges Great Grampi and Great Grammy
died the Bikini nuclear test of 1949

With all that radiation from nuclear testing - talking sponges and squids playing clarinets don't seem to weird. The marine life at Bikini Bottom would have had to whether the extreme radiation in the 1950s.

Rumors have it, when Bikini Atoll was occupied by the Japanese they did some weird experiments on the coral reef. After the area was irradiated with nuclear radiation, Japanese and American DNA was apparently absorbed by some of the critters living under the sea - giving rise to the unique and intelligent fauna found at Bikini Bottom.

Painting of US soldiers hanging out at
Bikini Atoll with Bob and Patrick

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