Monday, September 5, 2011

ICV 24 - International Congress of Vexillology, Day 1 - Bonus Presentation, Murder over a Confederate Flag

Day 1 - Bonus Speaker, Dr. Phillip Rault
France - Brittany

Confederate Flag revealed

In between Arthur Etchell's and Annie Platoff's first scheduled presentation we were given an informal vexi-bit about the first Civil War, Union Colonel to die over a flag.

On May 24, 1861 Colonel Elmer E. Ellsworth - Mr. E.E.E, was shot and killed for taking down a Confederate Flag that was flying over the Marshall House - now the Monaco Hotel. The owner of the building, James Jackson was a firebrand secessionist.

As Colonel EEE came down the stairs while still holding the Confederate Flag, he was shot and killed. In retaliation for Ellsworth's death, the NY 11th Zoavue Regiment executed Mr. Jackson in retribution.

The building is still standing today as the Hotel Monaco. As an option for the ICV Congress delegates, they could have stayed at this location.

Later that day attendees were invited to retrace the history with a visit to this historic 'Civil War' hotel.


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