Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Solar Interstellar Neighborhood Flag

Flag of our Solar Neighborhood

The Solar Interstellar Neighborhood Flag represents about 69 star systems next to ours. The stars are lit up like dice for easy counting and as a homage to the seemingly random nature of quantum mechanics vs. the elegantly smooth nature of cosmic astronomy.

The star in the Hoodieman's face is representin' earth. The thin sea green line symbolizes the narrow 'Goldilocks' planetary life zone, as we know it.

Hoodieman is a reminder that nations share a common element with street gangs via power, politics, culture, intelligence, and shifting destinies. The nature of a street gang changes rather quickly but the nature of a nation changes relatively slowly.

Governments and gangs both hide intelligence from the general population, and can be a pain or pleasure. Unless you have the proper credits or cred - you're just a chump and haven't seen squat.

People would love to live with out government just as much as they would love to get rid of street gangs, but these entities are an inevitable consequence of forming human social groups, that results in social elites and social outcasts.

Just as social rebels shake the dice for more money on a side street with gambling and bookmaking behind the back of the law, established people with real capital and real power gamble on Wall Street upon the backs of the ignorant. If a dirty man in suit or hood smells an opportunity for more money, they will often send a man with a knife to get it. Especially they thinks the chump with the money is below him.


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  1. Hi love the hoodie man.
    I just watched "Interstellar" and noticed that the American flag patches on clothing seems to have more than 50 stars. Google doesn't tell me why. Any info that you can come up with? -Frank