Saturday, August 20, 2011

New Zodiac Sign - Sextans the Star Compass

Constellation of Sextant
just below Leo

Libra the Scales has been a lonely odd ball of the Zodiac. Well its time as the odd ball 'inanimate object' is over, another object has joined the ranks in the pathway of the planets - Sextans.

Sextans the Star Compass is another constellation that tips on the path of the planets. It is snuggled under the belly of Leo. This extra sign cuts into Leo's space or one can consider people born during under this sign as having two signs - Leo & Sextant.

Symbol for Sextant the Star Compass
merged five pointed star on triangle

So what are the attributes of persons born under the 'Sign Sextant'? A predisposition for navigational skills, logical thinking, and love of star gazing. Sextant people should have a wonder lust to explore new worlds, ideas, and feelings. Not just in the an astronomical way but also though art and poetry, yet anchored to a cosmic knowing.

Photo of a Star Compass - Sextant

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