Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lake Biakal Flag

Lake Baikal Flag

Lake Baikal is the deepest fresh water lake of our world. It is in Russia and internally connected to the Buryat Republic in Russia. It is a hidden treasure, buried deep and away humbly known in the mysterious Far East. The Buryat Rupublic is a homeland for the Buryat people who are culturally and physically related to Mongolians.

Over head map of
Lake Baikal

The flag of Lake Baikal is essentially a horizontal tri-bar, from top to bottom the colours are sky blue, brown, and orange. Within the sky blue bar are six mountains representing the region, they are green and snow capped with white. In the middle, is a side cut of Lake Baikal. The lake is represented by the colour blue. It completely cuts through the brown bar and nearly does so with the orange bar.

Lake Baikal Flag Flying on her Zen outcrop of Rocks

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