Monday, August 15, 2011

Hercules Cluster Flag

Flag of Hercules Cluster of Galaxies

The Hercules Cluster contains about 300+ galaxies and is found in the Hercules Constellation.

This cluster of galaxies was discovered in 1714 by Edmond Halley but catalogued by Mr. Messier on June 1, 1764. It's in Hercules armpit and due north of the Zodiac Constellation Scorpio.

The colours of this flag are navy blue, black, white, and yellow. In the center is a heraldic shield that represents the parental line of Hercules. The lighting blot represents his father, the God Zeus, and the Owl represents his mortal mother Alcmene,who was considered the wisest of mortals.

There are two dimensions of a counter charge. On the shield is an orb of yellow and white. The white half represents the divine wisdom of his heavenly father, and the yellow half represents physical power of his earth mother. The background field is also counter charged to represent the union of night and day power under the command of Hercules.

There are 12 galaxies in white that represent the 12 labors that Hercules was to perform for the King of Mycenae. To review the 12 labors of Hercules were to

(1) Kill the Nameon Leion
(2) Destroy the Lernaean Hydra
(3) Capture the Ceryneian Hind alive
(4) Trap the Erymanthian Boar
(5) Clean the Augean Stables
(6) Evacuate the Stymphalian Birds
(7) Capture the Cretan Bull
(8) Round up the Mares of Diomedes
(9) Get a Hippolyte's belt
(10) Fetch the Cattle of Geryon
(11) Get the Golden Apples of Hesperides and finally
(12) Bring Cerberus from Tartarus.

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