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2010 TK7 Flag, Earth's Trojan Asteroid

Earth Trojan Asteroid Flag
2010 TK7

It's official, the Earth like Jupiter has a Trojan of our very own. Initially discovered in 2010 and officially published in July of 2011. There may be more out there.

The colours of this flag are black, white blue, green, and yellow. The blue semi-circle disc represents earth. A small crescent sun is in the middle. It is a crescent sun because the moon is eclipsing it. The small star just to left of the sun represents the 3rd Lagrangian point at the opposite orbital pole of the earth. The star to the right of the crescent sun rising and partly covered by the earth represents the 1st Lagrangian point. The white star on nearest to the fly represents the 2nd Lagrangian point. The star near the upper hoist represents the 4th Lagrangian point. The star near the lower hoist represents the 5th Lagrangian point.

Astronomical Image of 2010 TK7

Trojan Moon 2010 TK7, commonly called a Trojan asteroid, is at the 4th Lagrangian point, which basically means that earth follows this captured 'moon' in its orbit. Thus our Trojan moon 2010 TK7 orbits the sun in about the same amount of time - 365 days and a few extra hours. Right now, 2010 TK7 is about two months ahead of us in our common orbit.

Trojans are commonly described as asteroids that follow a much larger heavenly body at five special gravitational points, known as Lagrangian Points - 1 through 5.

Model of 2010 TK7 Trojan Asteroid or
Trojan Moon - that the earth 'follows'

L1 and L2 are in sync with earth. A Trojan Moon at L1 would be in front of the sun perpetually locked at high noon (Theta-Trojan). A Trojan Moon at L2 would only be visible at night held at a perpetual midnight (Omicron-Trojan).

L4 and L5 are in sync with our orbit and about 2 months ahead or behind. A L4 Trojan Moon would be in about a plus two month orbit (Alpha-Trojan), while a L5 Trojan Moon would be in about a minus two months orbit relative to earth (Omega-Trojan). Alpha Trojans lead the earth, while Omega Trojans follow the earth, both by about 2 months.

There might be an L3 earth based Trojan Moon, which would be 6 months behind or 6 months ahead - depending on your point of view. Because of the glare of the sun doing astronomy over there is hard, but a telescope on 2010 TK7 might reveal an orbital opposite 'dwarf planet' (Pi-Trojan).

Astrological Symbols for Earth based Trojans

These symbols combine aspects of the Mayan numerical system combined with Sanskrit. Currently 2010 TK7 is at Lagrangian Point 4.

As of now 2010 TK7 is still awaiting a more user friendly name, and common folk have no say in the matter. Only our academic high priests and priestess are allowed to play the role of a cosmic 'Adam.' But if I were able to give it a name I'd call it Shawnee, after the home town of Brad Pitt since Mr. Pitt played Achilles in the Trojan War. The name Shawnee honors native Americans, Hollywood, and is connected in a sneaky way to Greek Mythology trough Brad Pitt. And the original Trojans were the epitome of sneaky.

Theoretical View from Earths Trojan Moon 2010 TK7

I'm not a super Brad Pitt fan, but I respect his acting abilities - at least he tries to do good with his fame and God given talents. There are lots of men who have gifts like Brad Pitt but use it for less than noble causes.

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