Monday, June 20, 2011

My Personal Confederate Flag

Seal of the Confederacy

Like Luke Skywalker from Return of Jedi, he created his own personal light saber. As a vexillologist and student of American history, I implore you to create your own Confederate Flag, when you are ready.

The stories behind the maker of modern personal 'Confederate Flags' has been mostly lost to history.

Popular modern Confederate flags range from outright racism, a call to rebellion, and a declaration of heritage over hate. Some flags are meant to be threats, or in your face taunts like a middle finger. In any case knowledge about the maker of these modern flags is of value to vexillologists around the world.

My Personal Confederate Flag

This is my personal Confederate Flag. It is basically a modified version of the official Confederate Flag during it lasts days of active rebellion. The flag has a seal added - the official Seal of the Confederacy. The Seal of the Confederacy features George Washington on horseback.

Likewise my paper to be presented at the 24 International Congress of Vexillology deals with a historic relic from the American Revolution that features a similar design of the official seal.

My Confederate Flag represents history and the effort to expose it the tactfully with care and hide not the full range of emotions associated with epic portion of American History.

Fear not a flag for it is a symbol and key which can unlock emotions hidden within your own heart from our collective past.

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