Sunday, May 22, 2011

Independent Borg Flag - Star Trek

In the most popular syndicated television show - Star Trek the Next Generation - a fictional alien species is known as the Borg. Their name is derived from 'cyborg.' A cyborg is a mix of computer and biological organism. Currently the most dominant nations of the world are externally cybernetic - since there is critical union of computer and biological form.

Once people start to allow computers to exist within their body - they will be classical internal cybernetic organisms.

The USA, Japan, Russia, Canada, and UK are nations that would fall apart without computer assistance. They are external cybernetic nations. It is probable that they will be the first of Earth Nations to give rise to "internal classical cybernetic people" in the near future - say by 2052.

The imaginary Borg Species introduced by Star Trek are an aggressive species. They wish to make all 'intelligent' species of the universe conform to their image. Their ravenous appetite for knowledge causes them to inflict suffering and pain on their fellow organisms. The Borg motto seems to be "If other species get harmed in our their pursuit of perfection - so be it."

In one way the Borg are similar to an ant colony - since both are controlled by an individual queen.

Basically they have an aggressive 'melting pot' agenda - UNITE WITH US OR DIE. If a species chooses to resist the Borg - then the Borg will give them no quarter - and make every effort to destroy them.

In one way - the United States of America acted in 'Borg-ish' manner towards the Soviet Union and Confederacy. But on the other hand, the USA gave quarter to Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Japan, North Korea, Germany, and Vietnam.

Digitized Independent Borg Flag

In one episode the humans infect a lone Borg with an independent mind teaching program. And thus they hope, the Borg would be less inclined to take over and conquer/assimilate their neighbors. It works for some and a few Borg learn to be independent of the collective. Eventually these Borg create an alliance with an android. The final effect is a Borg Flag.

The flag is vertical tri-bar of red, white, and red. A black geometric design of six pieces seems to represent a Borg hand, body, or both. The Borg are essentially technological-fascists.


  1. Where do i get one of these flags

  2. I'm not sure, you could look on the Star Trek Blogs or get one made yourself. I created the image above on my computer, feel free to use it in any manner.

  3. I need one of these on a pole, just to be sure I end up on the winning side.