Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Willow Grove Park Flag and John Sousa

Willow Grove Park Flag
the conductor is supposed to be Sousa

Willow Grove Park just outside of Philadelphia. Originally it was a classic Victorian Park. Later John Sousa made it his home stage, and favorite gig to play at. John Sousa is the musician responsible for the patriotic core of American Marching Band Music.

John Sousa was originally born in DC, and as a child was witness to the Civil War, no doubt this played a formative role on young "Johnny Patriot" Sousa.

Not only was Sousa a part of the conservative establishment, he also lived the American dream with a career that spanned Circus (before TV & Hollywood). On the other end, Sousa also became chair of the US Marine Corps band.

Today, Willow Grove Park has lost much her Marching Band-Victorian luster. Willow Grove is now an elegant three storied shopping mall. But the legacy of John Philip Sousa lives on.

One last piece of the heyday Victorian musical park atmosphere has been preserved - the Merry Go Round. At the entrance to Willow Grove Park's Carousel Entrance fly three flags - the US Flag, Pennsylvania State Flag, and Willow Grove Park Flag.

Video about Modern Willow Grove Park 2010
wile playing Stars and Stripes Forever

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