Thursday, April 14, 2011

Titanic - 99 years ago today

White Star Line Flag and Logo

The company that owned the RMS Titanic (RMS meaning Royal Mail Ship) was the White Star Line, founded in Liverpool, England in 1869. Its original name as the Oceanic Steam Navigation Company.

The White Star Line joined with the Cunard Line and since 2005 has become a part of Carnival Cruise Lines. The flag of the White Star line, used its namesake on a red fielded guidon with a five pointed white star.

Current Carnival Corporation Logo with Flag

The sinking of the Titanic was epic of the times. The 20th century began, and amazing and marvelous technologies were unleashed upon the public. It seemed science and technology were going to grant mankind a new dominion over the forces of nature. The British Empire was at its apex. Ireland, Africa, India, America, and Asia were ruled as an Empire under King and Corporation. But the trials and horror of WWI were just around the corner.

The next 99 years saw a grand reworking of the social fabric and reality. Faded now are the dreams and hopes of early 20th century, yet we seem to be in the same position 99 years since our folly. What have we learned?

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