Monday, April 18, 2011

Tax Day 2011 & The IRS Eagle

Treasury and IRS Seals Compared

Since 1955, Federal Income Taxes have been due April 15 - but every once and a while the date shifts. This year it shifted to maximum - April 18, 2011.

The first federal income taxes were initiated during the US Civil War in 1862 on people who made over 800 dollars a year, which excluded most workers.

After the war this temporary measure was abandoned. But by 1913 income taxes for the federal government was made the law of the land, with the sweet sixteenth amendment under president Taft.

The "IRS Eagle"

The seal of the IRS is essentially the seal of the Department of Treasury - the only difference being the inscription upon the internal ring.

By 1998, the IRS had adopted its own logo - the IRS Eagle. On the left hand side is an olive branch with seven leaves. On the right side is the outline in bold strokes of an eagle with its left wing raised in the air and you can not see the right wing. In the middle bottom portion is a balance scale that is reflective of the IRS and Treasury Seals.

In 1998 the IRS was reorganized and the issue of IRS symbols came to the table. Previously the seal of the Treasury and IRS were used inconsistently and with much confusion. Thus there was a need for a distinct IRS Symbol, thus the IRS Eagle was born soon afterwards.

Link to Official IRS Website dealing with the vivid detail of the IRS' Symbols

The First 1040 - from 1913 AD

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