Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Flags in Citizen Kane by Orson Wells, 1941

Notice Flags in the Background

Every connoisseur of fine film lists Citizen Kane on the best of the best. The story, the style, and ground breaking techniques put this movie from 1941 in the history books. Upon its first release in the USA this movie didn't do well, but it had a revival in the 1950s. Nowadays, it's considered the proverbial 'Shakespeare' of film. It is film law that all film students shall watch, study, and critique this film.

In the opening sequence a news flash is shown and the flags of several nations are shown. Back then and as it is today, flags convey a serious and professional tone.

Since this movie was made in the black and white era they are difficult to make out. One flag looks the that of Austria? Another flag has saltire, which is basically an X. It looks like the Russian Naval Ensign?

These flags are flashed in the beginning of Citizen Kane

Here is a statue from "Xanadu" the fictitious private resort of media mogul Mr. Kane.The warrior is holding what looks like is a battle flag with a spear point. The specific design and colours are difficult to make out.


  1. This is the Statue of spanish medieval heroe The Cid