Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bavaira & Saxony - German Flag Symmetry: Part V

The flags of Bavaria and Saxony are another pair. Although the colours differ, green and blue are similar tones. Bavaria also uses another flag with a lonzenge pattern and same light blue colour.

State flag of Saxony

Many elite English and American family lines can claim a link to Saxony - via the ethnic label of WASP. Three states of modern Germany carry the name Saxony - Lower Saxony, Saxony Anhalt, and Saxony. Most importantly the origins of the Protestant Voice fall upon the shoulders of a man born in "Saxony."

However, the German People were destined to be divided at this tragic and yet hopeful crossroads of Christian Faith. The subsequent churches born in the wake of Luther's path can trace their roots to a voice from 'Saxony.' The majority of American Churches owe a grain of gratitude to this man weather they be Quaker, Mormon, Calvinist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, Jehovah's Witness, Pentecostal, Unitarian, Anglican, Revivalist Evangelical and of course - Lutheran.

Half the German family remained loyal to Rome while another half went their own way. In contrast to the Saxon path, Bavaria chose to remain mostly Catholic. Bavaria is matched in faith with most American-Irish, American-Italian, American-Polish and American-Hispanic Communities.

State flag of Bavaria

Geographically, Bavaria and Saxony are landlocked states on the Eastern border next to the Czech Republic. Saxony on the northern and Bavaria on the southern border.

Bavaria and Saxony are centers of testament for World War II. Leaders of the Axis Powers were judged and met their fate at the trials of Nuremberg, Bavaria. While the common folk of Dresden, Saxony were witness to wrath of England and America. During this fury of furies a German-American boy from Indiana - Kurt Vonnegut - was destined to be witness to those dreadful days at Dresden, Saxony. Subsequently Mr. Vonnegut was inspired to write about it in a semi-fictional and therapeutic book - Slaughterhouse IV.

Saxony and Bavaria carry a heavy, nostalgic and romantic feeling. In many ways Bavaria and Saxony are totally distinct from other parts of Germany, yet they are essential ingredients to the German Story.

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