Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Baden-Wurttenburg & Saxony Anhalt: German Flag Symmetry - Part I

Flag of Saxony-Anhalt

The sub-national flags of Germany are also subject to the phenomena of flag symmetry. The flags of Germany have an interesting blend of time lines. They have elements from the feudal age, mid 1800s, and post modern age - as Saxony-Anhalt's flag was altered in 1991. The boundaries of Germany were very chaotic during the 1900s, but since the end of the World War II and the reunification of East and West Germany, new flags were adopted for the sub-federal or semi-equivalent "states" that make up the modern nation of Germany. Since the end of USSR the German States have stabilized.

Flag of Baden-Wurttenburg

The flag of Baden-Wurttenburg matches with Saxony-Anhalt. These two German states are united by black and yellow. Their flags are divided horizontally in the middle. Baden-Wurttenburg has black on top and yellow on the bottom, while Saxony-Anhalt is 'counter charged,' so to speak. In the center of both flags are heraldic shields, without supporters. The three bold lions of Baden-Wurttenburg match with the bold bear and eagle of Saxony-Anhalt. There are two official flags for Baden-Wurttenburg, the more prestigious service flag is shown. In the aftermath of WWII these two states were drafted into opposite political camps of the Cold War. Baden-Wurttenburg became a part of West Germany aligned with USA, while Saxony-Anhalt became a part of East Germany aligned with USSR.

November 9, 1989 - 11/09/89
a broken heart was healed today

In 1984 the issue of a United Germany seem like a distant wish, for some distant of generation yet to be conceived. It seemed that our world was to be permanently divided into two political and aggressive polarities. However history is full of dynamic shifts, and the bitter frost between the East and West Germany melted in the Autumn of 1989.

East Germany and West Germany were nations created by hatred and destroyed by Love

This was a fall of walls to remember in the fall of 89'. For a short moment the world fell into love and peace. In the aftermath of this joyful reunion, a flag of the Saxons was reborn in the re-booted and post modern province of Saxony-Anhalt on January 29, 1991. These two Germany States carry different histories and share a special bond. This fateful alignment of flags, is reinforced by their provincial colours, let us hope we never forget their stories.


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