Monday, April 4, 2011

Tangled Flag - Disney's expanded remake of the girl with really long hair - Rapunzel

The hero or anti-hero buying the Rapunzel Flag

In Disney's feature animated movie of 2010, Tangled, a flag plays an important part. When Rapunzel and her consorts enter the castle town, the townsfolk are in the middle of celebrating. They dance and sing around the flags and banners of their lost princess.

Disney's adaptation of Rapunzel retells this childhood classic with an altered and expanded plot, and a healthy dose of classic Disney Charm.

The Castle Town Decorated with Flags and Pennants of the Lost Princess

Here Rapunzel looks at a flag that kinda' looks familiar at the town fair, and again at home. Eventually she is able to connect the dots of her destiny by putting it all together.

I betcha' if she read any of my flag symmetry posts, she'd totally get my flag matrix code!

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