Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Four Tribal Elements: Part II

In a previous post, a new type of flag was displayed to show the 'four elements' of a persons general ethnic identity, using the metaphor of a ship.

Since then, two new flags have been added, the jack and the ensign. The jack is the flag at the front-forward part of the ship. Remember Jack from the Titanic when he was flying with Rose? In ship code they call it the bow.

The flag at the other end, the rear of the ship, is usually called an ensign - sort of like "end-sign." I call this part of the ship the Rudder or Propeller-side. (In making it harder than it needs to be & our secret snob code) Mariners call it the stern.

Anyways at the bow of this ship, in the jack position is the Soviet Jack of 1969 (the Commies had two jack designs, just like the Confederacy). In my flag sail matrix-code the jack represents where the person was born regardless if he or she was a proper citizen of the place. The jack Flag represents the geographical position of the place of birth. This person was born July 4, 1969 in Kazakhstan. The jack is simply the geographical position at birth.

Also, the jack is next to the faith sail of mommy - who was a Catholic. At the other end of the ship is the astrological sign of this person - Cancer. Why an astrological flag? It simply points to the geography of the cosmos at the time of birth. Wouldn't one think the position of ones earth bound coordinates are just as important as the cosmological geography of the heavens at the moment of birth? Besides the jack is next to 'mother' earth while the ensign is next the ones 'heavenly' father.

Let's suppose the back story on this person is - his father was a part of an American Diplomatic mission to the Soviet Union. His mom and dad were stationed at the US Embassy in Moscow, but they were on a guided tour of the Soviet Union when mom gave birth two weeks early, on a train while passing though Kazakhstan. With the blessings of his Lutheran Dad and Catholic Mom, he married a rich Jewish Girl and subsequently converted to the Faith of Abraham - Version 1.0

Link to "The Four Tribal Elements: Part I"

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