Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vexillology's Ultimate Game - Golf!

Caddy Shack Movie Poster
- the underbelly of golf

No game more effectively uses flags than golf. The objective of the game is to aim for a flag! This game has vexillology written all over it.

Golf has gone though its own cultural revolution, but since Caddy Shack and when the Tiger was let loose - the snooty ceiling was forever shattered. Golf is a game for everyone.

Here is an idea...perhaps Disney could make a Disney World Show Case Course where course or particular hole is thematic of certain nations? It'd be kinda' like miniature golf meets regular 'gargantuan' golf.

Think about it...In 2015 Walt Disney opens an Asian Theme Golf Course - Hole Number One, aim for the Vietnam Flag on a jungle setting next to peaceful rice paddies. Hole Number two - aim for a Chinese Flag and the hazard is a Great Wall. Hole Number three - aim for a Korean flag...and so on!

Flag of the First Tee Organization
Youth Leadership via Golf!
Although many in the Golf Establishment would certainly view such an effort as tacky, think about it! There already is the First Tee Program, which teaches kids good golf values. Who knows maybe Golf is the answer to world peace? If people took something from proper Golf Etiquette, the world would certainly be a better place.

Golf can be good, it's all what you putt into it.


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